About Us

Nexus Games was conceptualized in early 2014, while I was still in college. The original vision was to gather a collective of people who are passionate about games, as well as passionate about making games.

Of course, making the games that I originally planned to make would require some kind of funding, which is why I started developing for the mobile platform, due to the easy nature of distribution, the limitations of both hardware and gameplay aspects and the easiness of testing. The idea was to make something with a steady stream of income which I could then put towards making larger scale games, and possibly outsource different assets for projects.

Unfortunately, the mobile market is constantly fluctuating, and interest in any one particular genre changes rapidly, especially with thousands of apps being released every day. This brings us up to speed to today. I’ve been working on mobile games for close to four years now and I think that’s more than long enough. My true passion has always been with PC/console games, which is what Nexus Games will be working on soon.

If you think you have the right skillset, and would like to contribute to our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.